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PVC Window Making Process

PVC window manufacturing process

The process of making PVC windows is somewhat different depending on the type and profile of the PVC window, but there are mainly including the following processes.

1 Profile cutting

Profile cutting refers to the process of cutting the original whole window profile into the size used to make PVC doors and windows according to requirements. It mainly includes the cutting of PVC window frame profiles, fan profiles, beading, mullion, reinforcement steel, and glass. Among them, profile cutting requires a PVC profile cutting machine, such as a CNC double-head cutting machine, single head cutting saw, etc.

2 Hole milling

Hole milling mainly refers to the milling of water slots, air pressure balance grooves, milling holes, and other hardware installation holes.

Preventing rainwater leakage is one of the basic functions of building exterior windows. The purpose of milling drainage holes and air pressure balance grooves is to mill reasonable drainage channels (or channels to promote drainage) on the window frame profiles and fan profiles to achieve the purpose of smooth rain or condensate and reduce or eliminate rainwater leakage. The occurrence of and avoid the harm caused by it.

The water slot is generally milled using a two or three head water slot milling machine or a single head copy routing machine. In order to avoid oxidation and corrosion of reinforcement steel, the drainage cavity and the steel-lined main cavity are not connected to each other. The drainage holes are generally oblong holes with a length of 20 ~ 30mm. The water inlet and outlet holes should be staggered. The distance between the water holes should be based on the specific requirements of the profile system and window type.

Window locks, pulleys and other hardware are usually milled after adding reinforcement steel to the inner cavity of the profile. The shape and position of the milling hole are determined according to the installation form and size of the hardware.

The milling of mounting holes of hardware such as plastic door and window locks, pulleys, etc. usually uses a lock hole drilling machine or CNC drilling and milling machining centers.

When expansion bolts are used to install door and window frames and walls, the expansion bolt installation holes should be machined on the frame. The expansion bolt installation holes can be processed by a six head profile drilling machine.

3 Install reinforcement steel

The installation of reinforced steel plays a vital role in the resistance to deformation and destruction of PVC doors and windows. The matching reinforced steel lining is selected according to different profiles. This process must be carried out before welding, using two head screw fastening machine processing, or manual fastening.

4 Profile welding

Use a PVC window welding machine to weld the profiles that have been done in processes such as sawing, installing reinforced steel, and milling holes into a frame shape.

The welding process is directly related to the quality of the PVC window product, performance and safety, so it is one of the very important processes in the assembly of PVC windows. The welding process should ensure the requirements of various process indicators such as finished product size and welding strength.

The welding of the window frame and sash of the PVC door and window is making by the PVC window welding machine. When performing welding operations, the process parameters of the welding machine should be set by the profile characteristics and processing conditions to ensure that the welding machine performs its best performance; and combined with the window frame and the function of the welding machine, determine the feasible Welding sequence to ensure welding quality and improve work efficiency.

5 Corner cleaning

When welding window frames and sashes, the molten material is squeezed out when the molten part is butted, and it becomes a weld bead after cooling. The presence of weld bead not only affects the appearance, but also affects the subsequent processes of the embedded bead and sealing strip, and may affect Use functions such as normal switching, so the solder fillets must be cleaned. The corner cleaning of plastic doors and windows uses a PVC window CNC corner cleaning machine or a portable corner cleaning machine.

Butt-welded frames and fans should not be cleaned immediately after welding. They should be done at least 10 minutes after welding to avoid collapse due to partial uncooling. The frame and fan after welding and corner cleaning should be placed vertically.

6 Window assembly

The welded door and window frames, fans, and other parts need to be assembled to produce a qualified window, which mainly includes the following processes: Assembly of sealing strips and gauze strips; Assembly of grid profiles; Glass assembly; The assembly of hardware.

7 The finished windows are packaged and stored in the warehouse.

Before investing in your PVC window factory, you should investigate the local PVC window market information, such as the price of the window, the type of the window, the demand for the window, the window profile, the pvc window manufacturing equipment, hardware, etc., so that you can make a reasonable investment and save your money, and MAKE MONEY by making PVC windows within the expected time.