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How to install aluminum window, 5 steps teach you to install window of aluminium alloy door easily

How to install aluminum windows and doors

Different wall holes and aluminum window types have different installation methods. The installation methods introduced in this article are for reference. Different countries and regions also have different aluminum window installation standards.

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1 Determination of wall holes and installation lines before installation of aluminum windows

Before installing the aluminum window, it is necessary to confirm that the dimension of the wall holes is consistent with the size of the aluminum window, and at the same time determine the position of the horizontal line, the vertical line and the installation line of the aluminum window.

1.1 The size of the wall holes: the hole should be built according to the requirements, the allowable deviation of the width and height of the window is ±5mm, and the allowable deviation of the diagonal deviation of the hole is less than or equal to 10mm. The size of the aluminum window frame is processed according to the hole size minus 15mm.

1.2 Determine the position of the installation line: Before installing the window, it is necessary to determine the position of the installation line of the aluminum window to ensure the horizontal and vertical alignment of the window after installation. After the aluminum windows are installed, the distance between the outer surface of the window frame and the outer side of the hole should be consistent.

1.3 Aluminum window inspection: The inspection items include that the processing dimensions of window frames and sashes meet the requirements; check whether the aluminum window profiles and glass meet the requirements. High-quality aluminum windows need to be made by professional aluminum window manufacturing machines, such as aluminum double-head cutting saws, aluminum corner crimping machines, etc. And aluminum arc windows must be manufactured by aluminum extrusion CNC bending machines to ensure the size and performance of aluminum windows.

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2 Install the aluminum window frame

Before installing aluminum windows, pay attention to the protection of the window frame to ensure that the window frame is not scratched.

The window frame is installed by filling the gap with foaming agent on the upper and vertical sides, and the bottom gap is filled with cement mortar. The quality of this window frame installation method is easier to control. The specific methods are as follows:

2.1 The installation of aluminum door and window frames should be completed before the decoration works of openings and walls. The position of the aluminum window frame in the hole can be temporarily adjusted and fixed with wedges, spacers or other appliances, but the profiles should not be deformed or damaged. The window frame should be fixed in the hole.

2.2 The distance between the door and window frames should not exceed 15~20mm from the hole to ensure the quality of the foaming agent.

2.3 Adjust the aluminum door and window frame in place, and connect the aluminum door and window frame and the installation frame in the wall with the fixing parts. The material and installation position of the fixing parts shall meet the technical requirements of aluminum doors and windows.

2.4 The connection between the fixing piece and the wall should be fixed on the concrete wall or the reserved concrete block. Metal expansion bolts, plastic expansion screws, special steel nails (cement nails), shooting nails and other connection methods can be used. Generally, nails are used.

2.5 After the fixing is completed, fill the gaps on the upper and both sides of the aluminum alloy with foaming agent, and use a glue gun to apply from a position 200mm above the bottom edge of the aluminum window. The application in the vertical direction should be evenly pushed from bottom to top. The foaming agent is about 15mm away from the outside of the window frame, which is convenient for cement mortar insertion, groove and silicone groove in the later stage. The foaming agent should be injected from the outside to ensure that the surface of the outdoor foaming agent is flat, reduce the adjustment work of the foaming agent, and ensure no leakage.

3 Install fixed glass, sash and hardware accessories

After the window installation and exterior wall decoration are completed, the fixed glass, window sash and corresponding hardware accessories can be installed. During installation, pay attention to the following points:

3.1 When fixing glass, installing doors and windows, and installing fans, the garbage in the door and window frames should be cleaned up.

3.2 Perform fixed glass installation. If the crimping line is pressed outward during the installation of the fixed glass, seal the crimping line with sealant and press in to fix it.

3.3 When installing the window sash, hinge or sliding support should be selected. It should be noted that when fixing with screws, it needs to be sealed with sealant to prevent water from seeping into the screw holes.

3.4 Aluminum window hardware accessories should be installed correctly to ensure easy opening and water and air tightness.

3.5 The door and window installation units are required to be glued in the corresponding positions to avoid leakage.

4 Finished product protection

Aluminum doors and windows need to pay attention to the protection of finished products during the installation process. There are mainly the following ways to protect finished products on site.

4.1 The protective film is attached to the surface of profiles and hardware.

4.2 Protective films should be attached to the inner and outer surfaces of the glass.

4.3 A wooden U-shaped protective shell should be placed at the threshold under the door frame.

5 Acceptance

After the installation of the aluminum windows is completed, the owner can conduct acceptance inspections as required to check whether there are water leaks, the flatness of doors and windows, etc.

The installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows is some technically demanding work, so even if you want to do it yourself, you should complete the installation under the guidance of professionals.




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