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How to install aluminum window, 5 steps teach you to install window of aluminium alloy door easily

How to install aluminum windows

The first step, construction preparation

Construction preparation mainly is the hole size, and three lines (horizontal line, vertical line, window frame installation line) position determination.There are three main processes.

  • Hole size: the hole shall be masonry as required, the width and height of the door and window openings shall be allowed to deviate by + / - 10mm, and the diagonal difference shall be allowed to deviate by less than or equal to 10mm. If it exceeds the requirements, it shall be modified (the hole shall be removed if it is too small, and it shall be painted flat with waterproof mortar; if it is too large, brick blocks shall be added to adjust the size of the hole). Aluminum alloy door and window frame size according to the hole size into the 25mm processing.
  • Three-line position determination: before the installation of doors and Windows, it is necessary to determine the three-line position of customized aluminum alloy doors and Windows to ensure the horizontal and vertical alignment of doors and Windows after the installation of doors and Windows. After the installation of doors and Windows, the distance from the outside of the doors and Windows opening should be consistent.
  • Acceptance of aluminum alloy doors and Windows: the acceptance shall include the machining accuracy of door, window frame and fan; Check whether the profile and glass are consistent with the contract and sealed sample.

Step 2: install aluminum door and window frames

Before installing aluminum windows, ensure that the production of aluminum windows meets the requirements. High-quality aluminum windows need to be made by professional aluminum window manufacturing machines such as CNC double head cutting saw and aluminum crimping machine to ensure the dimensions and performance of the aluminum windows. At the same time, pay attention to the protection of the window frame before installation to ensure that the window frame is not scratched.

At present, the installation method of door and window frame is three-side foaming agent, and the bottom side is the method of plug joint of dry hard cement mortar. Through practical operation, compared with the method of cement mortar plug joint on all four sides, the quality of door and window frame installation adopted at present is easier to control, and the leakage rate is slightly lower than the method of four sides plug joint. The specific methods are as follows:

  • The installation of aluminum door and window frames shall be completed before the wet plastering of openings and walls. Aluminum window frame is in the position inside mouth of a hole, can use wedge, cushion piece or other appliance to adjust and be fixed temporarily, but should not make profile deformation or damage. Aluminum door and window frames should be fixed in the hole, even if the wooden wedge, pad block removal.
  • The door and window frame shall not be more than 30mm away from the hole to ensure the quality of the foaming agent.
  • F) adjust the aluminum door and window frames in place, and use fixed pieces to connect the aluminum door and window frames and openings respectively. The fixed piece material and installation location shall meet the technical requirements of aluminum doors and Windows.
  • The connection between the fixed piece and the wall shall be fixed on the concrete wall or reserved concrete blocks. Metal expansion bolts, plastic expansion screws, special steel nails (cement nails), shooting nails and other connection methods can be adopted. Generally, shooting nails are adopted.
  • After the fixation is completed, foaming agent is used to fill the seam on the upper side and both sides of the aluminum alloy, and the application is started from a position 200mm higher than the bottom edge of the aluminum window with an appropriate glue gun. The application in the vertical direction should be pushed evenly from the bottom to the top.The foaming agent is about 15mm from the outside of the window frame, which is convenient for the later cement mortar intercalation, groove and silicone groove. Foaming agent should be set from the outside, to ensure that the surface of the outdoor foaming agent level off, reduce the foaming agent adjustment work, to ensure that there is no leakage.

The 3rd pace, fixed glass, door window fan and hardware fittings are installed

After the installation of Windows and doors and the completion of external wall decoration and other projects, the installation of fixed glass, windows and doors fans and corresponding hardware accessories can be started. During the installation process, the following points should be noted:

  • The garbage inside the door and window frames shall be cleaned when fixing glass, doors and windows and fans are installed.
  • M) perform fixed glass installation. If the pressure line is outwardly pressed during the installation of fixed glass, seal the line with sealant and press it in for fixation. Fixed glass installation can refer to flat door window glass installation.
  • For the installation of door and window fans, hinge or sliding brace should be selected for fixation. It should be noted that when fixing with screws, glue the screws before fixing to avoid water infiltration from the screw holes.
  • Aluminum window hardware fittings shall be installed correctly to ensure easy opening and water tightness and air tightness.
  • The installation unit of doors and windows shall be required to glue in the corresponding position to avoid leakage.

Step 4: finished product protection

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the installation process need to pay attention to the protection of finished products, finished products protection in the field mainly have the following ways.

  • Protective film is pasted on the surface of profile and hardware
  • Protective film shall be adhered to the inner and outer surface of the glass (after internal painting, it shall be uniformly removed and cleaned; if necessary, a new protective film may be affixed)
  • Wooden u-shaped protective shell should be placed at the lower sill of door and window frame.

Finally, acceptance

Aluminium window is installed after finishing, owner can undertake acceptance check according to the requirement, check whether leak point, the flatness of door window waits.

The installation of aluminium alloy door window is the job of a few technical requirement, even if you want to begin personally so, also want to finish installation below the guidance of professional personnel.




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