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Jinan Okna CNC Machine co., LTD is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in window making machine, which provides a full range of PVC Window processing machine, aluminum window making machine. Aluminum window machinery mainly includes: CNC Double Head Cutting Machine, glazing bead cutting saw, corner key cutting machine, aluminum corner crimping machine, aluminum punching machine, aluminum profile CNC bending machine etc. uPVC window making machine mainly includes double head seamless welding machine, double head water slot milling machine, single head welding machine, pvc window CNC corner cleaning machine, etc. The company has high-quality design ability to continuously develop and improve window machine products, we can customize window machines or configure different reasonable window processing machine schemes according to the requirements of world customers. We choose high-quality equipment components to ensure the high-standard product functions of DFAN brand window equipment. Our window window machine sells well in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, the United States, Europe and other countries.

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