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  • Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling And Milling Machine
  • Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling And Milling Machine
Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling And Milling MachineAluminium Profile CNC Drilling And Milling Machine

Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling And Milling Machine

  • Product Item : GCGZD-CNC-800
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Color : gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for aluminum profiles drilling and milling
  • Product description:Aluminium Profile CNC Machining Centres, CNC aluminum window machine centres, China cnc machine for aluminium windows supplier, small CNC milling machine price, alumininum window cnc drilling machine
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Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling And Milling Machine CNC Aluminum Machining Centres aluminium profile for cnc

milling and drilling center Positioning and clamping structure drilling and milling machine processing lock hole drilling and milling process Door handle

Product description

1.This aluminum CNC Drilling and Milling Center Mainly used for processing various holes of PVC and aluminum profiles, such as water slot, lock hole, hardware installation hole, etc. make a program according to the shape of the hole and profile, automatic processing of the holes on three sides of the profile in One operation.
2. The drilling and milling machine adopts high-precision linear guide pair, roller screw, high-quality closed-loop servo motor, stable movement, fast positioning, and high machining accuracy.

3. The milling motor adopts a high-speed spindle motor, which has low rotating noise, strong cutting ability, and a smooth milling surface.

4. The vegetable oil micro cooling system is adopted to effectively increase the life of the tool and is non-toxic and pollution-free.

5.The best drill bit for aluminum is used to ensure the smoothness of milling, the service life of the drills, and drilling deep holes in aluminum.
6. Intelligent numerical control system and a simple and intuitive man-machine interface make the operation more convenient and quick.

This aluminum profile CNC milling and drilling machine have a high degree of automation and high production efficiency. It can complete the processing of three sides of the profile in one operation. The position and size of the processing holes are accurate. It can replace the copy touter machine, lock hole drilling machine, and is an essential aluminum window equipment for making a large number of doors and windows.

Technical specifications

Power supply
380V/50Hz or customer specification
Input power
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Milling range
Rotate speed 18000r/min

*All specifications, dimensions, colors, and design characteristics are shown in this aluminum CNC drilling and milling centers machine are subject to change without notice.


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