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2 How to Make PVC Window and Door PVC Window Processing Technology

PART 2 PVC Window and Door Processing Technology

The size of the drain hole is generally Φ×L (5mm×30mm);

The size of the air pressure balance hole is generally Φ×L (4.5mm×30mm).

The recommended number and distribution of drainage holes are as follows

1. When the side length of the lower frame is less than or equal to 700mm, open an external drainage hole, the position is in the middle of the side length;

2. When the side length of the lower frame is 700~1800mm, open two external drainage holes, the position is 200mm at each end;

3. When the side length of the lower frame is 1800mm, open 3 external drainage holes, two of which are located at a distance of 200mm from both ends, and the third is located in the middle of the component.

Under normal circumstances, each external drainage hole should correspond to an internal drainage hole. For casement doors and windows and sliding doors and windows, due to the limitation of the production size, only one internal drainage hole and one external drainage hole need to be punched on the lower side member.

The number and distribution of drainage holes should depend on the climatic conditions and rainfall in the area. In areas with heavier rainfall, the number of drainage holes can be slightly larger, and the size can also be slightly larger.

6. Milling hardware installation slots

Hardware hole milling and drilling machinery mainly includes single head copy routing machine, lock-hole drilling machine, cnc drilling and milling centers for pvc profiles etc.

In the specific processing, the tool and feed can be changed according to the size of the drive to realize the processing of grooves and holes. For example, when processing the handle hole of the transmission, it should be noted that the diameter of the milling cutter used in the middle hole is Φ12, and the diameter of the two sides is Φ10, so cutting tools cannot be used interchangeably. After milling, the position of the aperture is correct, the periphery is smooth and there is no burr, which is conducive to the installation of the transmission.

7. Cutting of reinforced steel

Reinforced steel is cut using band saws and toothless saws. It is recommended to cut the end of reinforced steel at 45° with a tolerance of ±1°. The minimum vertical distance between the reinforced steel and the end of the profile is 5-10mm to ensure that the connecting screws of the hardware can be hit on the reinforced steel to strengthen the firmness of the hardware.

Reinforced steel must be calibrated after cutting. The end should be free of burrs. The straightness of each extension meter is not allowed to exceed 1.5mm, the twisting degree should not be more than 1°, the angle deviation should not be more than ±1.5°, and the internal angle radius should not be more than 1.4t ( t is the wall thickness).

8. Assembly of reinforced steel

There are two main ways to assemble reinforced steel:

(1) It can be pre-inserted in the part that does not affect welding;

(2) For cross-shaped or T-shaped welding parts, the reinforced steel should be inserted in time after butt joints.

It is recommended to use self-tapping and self-drilling screws for the connection fasteners of reinforced steel and profiles. Round head screws can be used.

Use blind rivets. The connecting fasteners used to fix each reinforced steel shall not be less than 3, with a distance of 300mm and a distance of 100mm from the end of the reinforced steel. The fixed reinforced steel shall not be loosened.

After the reinforced steel is installed in the reinforced steel cavity of the profile, it should be ensured that there is no scratches, deformation, etc. inside the profile, which will not affect the installation of the actuator handle and the door lock. When the matching size of the reinforced steel and the profile is not suitable, the reinforcement shall not be installed. Section steel.

9 Window frame and fan welding process

PVC window welding machine equipment mainly includes: portable welding machine for PVC windowsingle head welding machinedouble head welding machinesingle head seamless welding machine four head welding machine, four corner welding machine, etc.

Choose high-quality welding equipment to ensure the accuracy and angular strength of the welding size. The fusion time is 25 seconds, the extrusion time is 25 seconds, the welding capacity is guaranteed to be 6mm, and the size error is ±0.5mm. After the welding is completed, check whether the size and strength meet the requirements. , Otherwise it is necessary to adjust the time parameters of the welding machine and the position accuracy of the backing plate. The welded products are arranged neatly.

The profiles needs to be installed with sealing strips before welding.

10 Corner cleaning

PVC window corner cleaning machinery mainly includes CNC PVC corner cleaning machine, portable corner cleaning tool, internal corner cleaner, external corner cleaning tool, etc.

The CNC PVC window corner cleaning machine automatically runs the corner cleaning process according to the profile preparation program. The internal corners may need to be manually cleaned by internal corner cleaner tool.

You can also use manual corner cleaning tools to complete the corner cleaning process, such as portable PVC corner cleaner tool, internal and external corner milling tools, etc.

11 Installation hardware

Choose appropriate hardware according to window specifications, such as internal opening windows, external opening windows, sliding windows, folding doors, etc. The hardware should be installed firmly and beautifully.

12 Install the glass

Equipment: PVC window glazing bead cutting saw

Calculate the size of the glass according to the size of the window, and select different specifications of bead according to the thickness of the glass, such as single glass, hollow energy-saving glass, etc. The cut size of the bead is not less than the size measured inside the frame. The angle of the bead needs to be cut at 45 degrees.

13 After inspection, put it into the finished product warehouse and wait for installation.

REMARKS:The above content may vary in different country.

1 PVC window and door processing tachnology