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Top 10 Performance Features of PVC Windows

Top 10 Performances of PVC Windows and Doors

PVC window is a new type of doors and windows made of polymer materials as the main material and supplemented by reinforcing materials. Among them, polyvinyl (PVC) doors and windows have the largest proportion.

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1. Wind pressure resistance: mainly refers to the ability of doors and windows to bend and deform to resist wind pressure under strong winds. Reinforced steel is added inside the PVC windows profiles to meet wind pressure resistance requirements.

2. Weather resistance: through optimizing the formula of PVC window profiles, adding light stabilizers, heat stabilizers, ultraviolet absorbers, and impact modifiers to the raw materials to delay the aging speed and time of the PVC profiles, and the service life of PVC window can reach more than 50 years.

3. Thermal insulation performance: The thermal conductivity of polyvinyl ethylene is very low, and the thermal insulation effect of plastic doors and windows of the same area is better than that of metal doors and windows. Double-layer hollow glass windows can achieve an ideal thermal insulation effect.

4. Sealing performance: including air penetration, rainwater penetration, sound insulation, and dustproof. As PVC windows adopt advanced manufacturing methods, the dimensional processing accuracy is high. The PVC window profile cutting adopts a high-precision CNC double-head cutting saw with high cutting size accuracy. The frame is made by a PVC profile four-head welding machine or double-head seamless welding machine. The connection of the mullion profile is cut and welded with a V notch cutting machine and mullion cutting saw, and the PVC window corner is cleaned by a CNC corner cleaning machine or a portable corner cleaning machine, and the glass bead is cut with a special PVC glazing bead cutting saw. The overall dimensional accuracy is high, which ensures the accurate size of the PVC window frame and fan overlap and good sealing performance. The gap is equipped with elastic sealing strips, so it is ideal to prevent rainwater leakage and air leakage. The PVC window profile is a multi-chamber structure, coupled with good sealing, the use of double glass to achieve a better sound insulation effect.

5. Corrosion resistance: The material of PVC doors and windows has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Better than wooden windows and steel windows.

6. Flame retardant performance: Polyethylene has a natural temperature of 450 degrees, which is unnatural, non-combustible, and self-extinguishing after combustion.

7. Decoration performance: PVC window profile has fine material, smooth surface, comfortable texture, and Multiple colors, which can match the appearance of the building.

8. Noise reduction performance: PVC window has a good noise insulation performance of up to 30dB, which is especially suitable for places where noise interference is serious in downtown areas, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.

9. Electrical insulation performance: PVC is an excellent electrical insulation material, non-conductive, and safe to use.

10. Daylighting performance: Through various combinations of window types, large windows can be made by PVC window machines with high light passing rate.

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