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Factors Affecting The Strength of The PVC Window Corner

 Factors Affecting The Strength of The PVC Window Corner  

In the process of making PVC windows, ensuring the high strength of PVC window welding corners is one of the important conditions for making high-quality PVC windows. How to improve the strength of PVC window welding corners? This article analyzes several common reasons that affect the corner strength. Avoiding these reasons will improve the corner strength and the quality of PVC windows.

1.Choose high-quality PVC window profiles.

Different manufacturers' PVC window profile design cavity structures and chemical compositions are different. A reasonable inner cavity structure and wall thickness can improve the strength of the welding angle. The chemical composition is also one of the main influencing factors, which is not good. The chemical composition is brittle and easy to crack after welding. These are usually reflected in the sales price of the profile.

2.Ensure that the cutting angle of the PVC window profile is 45 degrees.

If the profile cutting angle error is too large, the welding strength will be affected. Because the welding angle of the welding is 45 degrees, the profile cutting angle will not melt in some places if there is an error. Therefore, a high-quality double-head PVC cutting saw should be used when cutting PVC window profiles.

3. uPVC corner welding.

Welding corner is misplaced, the top part of the profile is not overlapped after welding, and the wall of the profile cannot be welded together. These are generally caused by the position of the profile against the plate after the PVC window welding machine is used for a long time. This can be solved by adjusting the backing board. For example, the backing board needs to be adjusted when welding the mullion profile, and the backing board is not adjusted to the original position after the mullion is welded.

4. Welding machine parameter adjust.

Adjust the parameters of the PVC window welding machine during welding. Take the four-head PVC welder as an example, generally, the welding temperature is between 250 and 255 degrees, the profile heating time is 25 seconds, and the extrusion time is 25 seconds. The front clamp pressure is 0.4, and the back clamp pressure is 0.45. The connected gas source is 0.6~0.8Mpa. These parameters should be adjusted according to the performance of the profile used. If the pressure is too large the profile is easy to deform (such as thin profiles and fan profiles), the vertical profile sliding with too little clamp pressure causes the welding melt volume to reach less than 6mm. For the parameter settings of the PVC welding machine, you can watch the operation video of the four-head PVC window welding machine.

5. Replace the welding cloth in time.

The welding cloth is damaged or there is welding slag on it that needs to be replaced.

6. uPVC corner cleaning.

Do not clean the PVC window corners immediately after the PVC corner welding is completed. Do not clean the outside corners too deeply, so as not to affect the installation and appearance. In the process of PVC corner cleaning, use a CNC PVC corner cleaning machine or a portable PVC corner cleaning machine to clean the outside corner, and the depth of the corner can be set and adjusted.

7. Place the windows flat after welding.

8. Glazing bead institution.

When installing the glazing bead do not use excessive force to knock the PVC window frame, especially the window corners. The length of the glazing bead must be accurate, otherwise, it is easy to open the welding corner when installing the bead. Using a dedicated PVC glazing bead cutting machine can ensure the length and angle of the glazing bead cutting.

Of course, there are other factors affect the strength of PVC window corners. Pvc window manufacturers must continue to sum up experience to continuously improve the quality of PVC windows.

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