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  • uPVC 60 Out-swing Casement Window Profiles

uPVC 60 Out-swing Casement Window Profiles

  • Product Item : ZW60
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PVC 60 Out-swing Casement Window Profiles Technical Drawing

Profile Description

1. The multi-cavity structure of the main profile ensures that PVC doors and windows have good thermal insulation performance.

2. The independent drainage cavity can ensure the smooth drainage of doors and windows, and the water-tightness of doors and windows is greatly improved.

3. The window sash is equipped with a standard hardware slot, which can be installed with a variety of hardware, including multi-point linkage, which is flexible to open, light, and safe to lock.

4. The overlap of the frame fan reaches 8 mm, with reliable sealing and safety performance.

60 PVC Casement Window Profile Structure Diagram

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