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pvc window welding process and technology

 How to Make PVC Window - PVC Window Welding Process and Technology

How to make uPVC windows and doors with pvc window welding machinery?

Here take the four head pvc window welding machine as an example to introduce the pvc window welding process and how to adjust the PVC welder parameters:

1. Installation and debugging of the pvc window welding machinery: The welding machinery should be placed on clean and horizontal ground, tested with a level measuring instrument, and the base bolts should be adjusted to ensure that the guide rails of the pvc profile welding machine are level.

2. Install the accessories of the PVC window welding machine, including window profile holders, gas-water separators, etc.

3. Connect the power supply and the air source, the power supply is 380V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz, and the air source guarantees the range of 0.6~0.8Mpa. Below 0.6Mpa, the window welding product size may be inaccurate or the welding corner strength may not meet the requirements.

four head welding machine air pressure

4. Set PVC profile heating time 25~30 seconds, cooling time 25~30 seconds, left pressure 0.2~0.25mpa, right pressure 0.2~0.25mpa, front pressure 0.4mpa, back pressure 0.5mpa, temperature and pressure parameters can be adjusted according to actual conditions.

four head welding machine heating time and cooling time

four head welding machine air pressure adjust

5. Turn on the heat button switch, the welding plate starts to heat, set the temperature to 250 degree, and wait for the temperature of the welding plate to rise to the temperature seted.

welding machine temperature set

6. The pvc welding machine head switch selects the unit position, press the orientation button, put in the horizontal profile, press the clamp button one time, the compression device falls to compress the transverse profile, put the vertical profile, press the clamp button again, the front compression device Press down the vertical profile. Be careful not to put your hands on the top surface of the profiles to avoid being hurt by the front compression device.

7. Press the run button on the machine head and the pvc welding machine will automatically run the window welding process. After the welding is completed, repeat the above steps to continue the pvc window welding process.

four head welding machine welding process

8. Turn off the power and air source after welding, and clean the pvc window welding machinery.

Four-head welding machine welding process video: https://youtu.be/MES8IE6MY3k


Other pvc window welding equipment such as single head welding machine, double head welding machine, single head seamless welding machine, four head seamless welding machine, etc. The welding process is similar.

Author: Xinlu Li

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