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  • uPVC 80 Sliding Window Profiles

uPVC 80 Sliding Window Profiles

  • Product Item : ZW80
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PVC 80 Sliding Window Profiles Technical Drawing

Profile Description

1. The main profile adopts a multi-cavity structure design to ensure that PVC sliding doors and windows have good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance.

2. The independent drainage structure can ensure smooth drainage of doors and windows, and the water-tightness of doors and windows is greatly improved.

3. The window frame adopts a three-track design. Screen windows can be installed on the indoor side to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room. The window sashes are equipped with standard pulley grooves, and standard pulleys can be installed.


80 PVC sliding windows are made using standard PVC machines, such as double head PVC cutting saw, four head PVC welding machine, CNC PVC corner cleaning machine, pvc water slot milling machine, etc., to ensure the accuracy of the PVC sliding window frame size and the strength of the PVC corner.

80 PVC Sliding Window Profile Structure Diagram

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