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  • Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw
  • Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw
Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw

Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw

  • Product Item : SSJ06A-450×3700
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Color : gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for aluminum profiles cutting
  • Product description:Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Machine, aluminum cutting saw machine is specially designed for cutting aluminium profiles, aluminum profile sawing machine price, China double mitre saw for alumi
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Aluminum Window Double Head Cutting Machine double head mitre saw for aluminum profiles

double head cutting machine Operation box double head cutting machine details aluminum double head cutting machine left head double head cutting saw worktable

Product description

1. This aluminum profile double head cutting machine is specially designed for cutting aluminum and uPVC door and window profiles, is the primary cutting equipment for making aluminum doors and Windows.
2. The feeding system of the 2-head miter saw adopts a high-quality linear guide rail, with high precision and good stability. The saw blade adopts a high-precision spindle with stable rotation.
3. It can be cut and 45°/ 90° according to different requirements.
4. Pneumatic and hydraulic feed system ensures accurate and stable feed.
5. Carbide saw blade processing precision, high durability.
6. The two heads can be used together or separately to efficiently cut the required length and Angle.

7. Power supply protects system from voltage overload.

8. Linear rails head movement.

Reasonable design structure and high-quality components ensure the high quality and high efficiency of cutting aluminum Windows and doors profile. This machine allows you to make uPVC
& aluminum Windows and doors easily and efficiently.

Technical specifications

Input power
Total power
Principal axis rotate speed
Working air pressure
Diameter of blade
Cutting height
Weight when empty
Feeding speed 0~3m/min
Cutting length 420~4200mm
Cutting angle 45°,90°

*All specifications, dimensions, colors, and design characteristics are shown in this aluminum double head mitre saw are subject to change without notice.

Configuration recommendations
The left side of the double-head cutting saw can be equipped with a CNC Positioning ruler system.
1.The CNC positioning system adopt double linear guide rail, fast and accurate positioning, can input multiple sets of cutting size at the same time.
2 When the CNC positioning ruler is selected, the double-head saw can cut two pieces of different length materials at the same time when cutting 90-degree materials, and the cutting efficiency is doubled. For example, when cutting aluminum alloy bead, you can cut two different lengths at one time.


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