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  • Automatic Corner Key Cutting Machine For Aluminum Profile

Automatic Corner Key Cutting Machine For Aluminum Profile

  • Product Item : LJJ02-450
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Color : gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application:Aluminium Corner Connector Profile Cutting
  • Product description:Automatic Corner Key Cutting Machine, corner joint cutting saw For Aluminum Profiles used for cutting aluminum corner key and 90° of industrial aluminum profiles, Auto device to realize the continuous
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Aluminium Corner Connector Profile Cutting Machine
Aluminum Window Corner Joint Automatic Cutting Saw

corner key cutting machine details corner joint cutting saw photo corner joint cutting process aluminum corner joint

Product description

1. Automatic Aluminum Window Corner joint  Cutting Saw is used for cutting aluminum corner joint and 90° of industrial aluminum profiles.
2. Adopts industry-grade computer system, the user can set the processing parameters according to profile, the cutting size shifts quickly, locating precision high, the repeat locating precision is ±0.2mm(optional: CNC model).
3. Automatic alarm function when without workpieces or finish cutting.
4. Auto device to realize the continuous feeding.
5. The feeding stroke can adjustable within 3-600mm.
6. Saw blade of the aluminum corner connector profile cutting machine rotates smoothly due to the highly accurate main spindle, steady running with high precision.
7. The speed of the saw blade infeed in linearity adjustable by the air-hydraulic cylinder.
8. This aluminium window corner joint cutting machine is equipped with a phase sequence protection device to protect the machine once shut off or disconnect from the phase.

Technical specifications

Power supply
Total power for motor
Motor rotary speed
Air working pressure
Weight when empty
Blade specification
Cutter feeding speed
Cutting length
Cutting width
Cutting angle

*All specifications, dimensions, colors, and design characteristics are shown in this automatic Aluminium Corner Connector Profile Cutting machine are subject to change without notice.


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