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2 Aluminum Window Processing Technology

PART2 Aluminum Window Processing Technology

PART1 Aluminum Window Processing Technology

5. Hardware installation hole milling and drilling

Hardware hole milling and drilling machinery mainly includes single head copy routing machine, lock-hole drilling machine, cnc drilling and milling centers etc.

In the specific processing, the tool and feed can be changed according to the size of the drive to realize the processing of grooves and holes. For example, when processing the handle hole of the transmission, it should be noted that the diameter of the milling cutter used in the middle hole is Φ12, and the diameter of the two sides is Φ10, so cutting tools cannot be used interchangeably. After milling, the position of the aperture is correct, the periphery is smooth and there is no burr, which is conducive to the installation of the transmission.

6. Aluminum frame crimping

Frame making machine mainly includes single corner crimper machine, CNC four corner crimping machine for aluminum window,etc.

Under the premise of ensuring the cutting accuracy of the profile during the processing of aluminum doors and windows, mastering the process operation of the corner assembly machine will improve the production level of the entire window.

Correctly adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic station according to the thickness of the profile and corner code, correctly adjust the feed depth and position of the corner knife, and be familiar with the positioning of the corner.

7. Hardware assembly

Choose appropriate hardware according to window specifications, such as internal opening windows, external opening windows, sliding windows, folding doors, etc. The hardware should be installed firmly and beautifully.

8.Install the glass

Equipment:aluminum window glazing bead cutting saw, one head cutting saw,etc.

Calculate the size of the glass according to the size of the window, and select different specifications of bead according to the thickness of the glass, such as single glass, hollow energy-saving glass, etc. The cut size of the bead is not less than the size measured inside the frame. The angle of the bead needs to be cut at 45 degrees.

9.After inspection, put it into the finished product warehouse and wait for installation.

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