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  • Single Head Welding Machine For PVC Window
  • Single Head Welding Machine For PVC Window
  • Single Head Welding Machine For PVC Window
Single Head Welding Machine For PVC WindowSingle Head Welding Machine For PVC WindowSingle Head Welding Machine For PVC Window

Single Head Welding Machine For PVC Window

  • Product Item : HJ02-120
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Color: gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC window corner welding
  • Product description:Single Head Welding Machine For PVC Window, single head uPVC welding machine price, single corner pvc welder designed for welding uPVC window corners, pvc window welding machinery for sale, single hea
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Single Head PVC Welding Machine For uPVC Window and Door From China PVC Single Corner Welder Manufacturers

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Product description

    1. This China single head PVC welding machine is specially designed for welding one corner of uPVC casement and sliding windows. It has a compact structure and a small size. The size and corner strength of the welded products are better than those portable window welding machine products. It is simple to operate and automatically runs the PVC window welding process. It is the most economical PVC window welding machinery for limit budge investors.

    2. The window-door corner welding process is controlled by PLC with a high degree of automation.

    3. The profile heating time and cooling time of this single corner welding machine are easy to set and adjust.

    4. Set the three types of work pressure through the pressure gauge and the pressure regulating valve, which is convenient and intuitive.

    5. Choose backing boards of different heights according to the type and thickness of the win-door profiles.

    6. After the PVC window welding machine parameters are set, the temperature reaches the set value, and the whole welding process is automatically run with one run button, PVC window welding is very easy, all parameters (e.g. heating time, joining time, welding temperature, joining pressure and fusing pressure, etc.) of the single head welding machine can be individually adjusted.

    7. 90-degree welding, V notch welding, 30~180 degree is possible on this single head welding machinery.

    8. The window corner shapes such as , can be welded in one operation with this PVC window single corner welding machine.

    single head welding machine welding single corner welding machine mullion welding

    Technical specifications

Power supply
220V/50Hz or customer specification
Input power
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Welding width(max) 120mm
Welding height

*All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics are shown in this single head pvc welding machine are subject to change without notice.

single head pvc welding machine welding process and technology
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