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  • uPVC Window Sealing Cover Milling Machine

uPVC Window Sealing Cover Milling Machine

  • Product Item : SFX02-160
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Color : gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC Sealing Cover Milling
  • Product description:uPVC Window Sealing Cover Milling Machine used for machining flute of sliding window sash, Need to customize the miling cutter according to the pvc profile, pvc window cover milling machine from China
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uPVC Window Sealing Cover Milling Machine

PVC window sealing cover milling machine


1. This uPVC window sealing cover milling machine is used for machining the interlock of sliding window sash.
2. Be made up of machine body, worktable, electromotive, main axle, profile guiding plate, and electric system.
3. Electro-motor directly connects the main axle, easy to install and take down the milling cutters.
4. Adjustable guiding system and positioning system, suitable for different profiles.
5. Both direct-end flute and arc-end flute can be processed.
6. this sealing cover milling machine needs to make the form-cutter according to uPVC profiles.


Input Voltage
380 V/50 Hz
Input power
0.75 Kw
Motor rotary speed
2800 r/min
530×530×1100 mm
Weight when empty
100 Kg

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