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  • uPVC Window Double Head Automatic Water Slot Drilling Machine

uPVC Window Double Head Automatic Water Slot Drilling Machine

  • Product Item : SCX03-2×60
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Color: white/gray
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC water slot drilling
  • Product description:uPVC Window Double Head Water Slot Milling Machine, two head pvc slot hole milling machine is designed for uPVC profile Water Slot processing, China double head water slot milling machine companies ,
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Double Head PVC Automatic Water Slot Drilling and Milling Machine

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Product description

1. This double head pvc water slot milling machine has two independent routing heads for automatic routing and drilling of water slots and ventilation hole in the uPVC profile.
2. Adopt a workbench moving system.
3. Compact built units’ router units with automatic feed for touting depth and slot length.
4. The up head of the water slot milling machine can be adjustable easily for milling different angle positions.
5. The milling router can be controlled individually to be flexible for various productions.
6. The pvc window profile is clamped by two horizontal clamping cylinders.
7. This pvc double-head water slot milling machine adopts an automatic Pneumatic feeding unit, feeding speed adjustable.
Technical specifications

Power supply
220V/50Hz or customer specification
Input power
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Cutter Diameter ∮4×50/75mm    ∮5×50/75mm
Solt length
Solt Depth(max)

*All specifications, dimensions, colors, and design characteristics are shown in this PVC two-axis water slot drilling machine are subject to change without notice.


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