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  • Portable Electric Flat Water Slot Milling Tool For uPVC Windows

Portable Electric Flat Water Slot Milling Tool For uPVC Windows

  • Product Item : STPSX01
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC water slot Milling
  • Product description:Portable pvc milling machine Electric Water Slot Milling Machine For PVC Window, Portable upvc window water hole milling machine is used for milling flat water slot of UPVC doors and Windows, China po
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Portable Electric Flat Water Slot Milling Machine For uPVC Windows and doors

Product description

1. This portable water slot milling machine is used for milling the surface water slot holes of uPVC doors and windows, and the positioning is stable and convenient.

2. Use 220V/50Hz power supply, no air source is needed.

3. The milling depth can be adjusted according to requirements.

4. Standard micro-motor drive, stable operation, fast milling, and not easy to damage.

This portable pvc window milling tool is easy to carry, has a fast milling speed and a low price. It is a convenient tool for processing pvc window.

Technical specifications

Weight when empty
Input power
Input rate
Milling size
No-load rotatiion speed


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