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  •  LZJZ4 Four Head CNC Corner Crimping Machine

LZJZ4 Four Head CNC Corner Crimping Machine

  • Product Item : LZJZ4-CNC-100x1800x3000
  • Color : gray/white
  • Origin: China
  • Application: Joining the four corners of aluminium windows
  • Product description:Aluminum window four head CNC corner crimping machine, 4-corner crimping machine for aluminum window is used for four corner combination of aluminum windows, aluminium window four corner crimping mach
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Aluminum Window Four Head CNC Corner Crimping Machine


This aluminium window four head CNC crimping machine is an important aluminum machinery for making aluminum windows and doors.

1. Automatic hydraulic crimping of all 4 corners in one operation.
2. The crimping heads can be positioned exactly by a 3-axis control (both vertical axes are working synchronously).
3. The depth of each crimping head is individually adjustable.
4. The vertical configuration of the four head CNC corner crimping machine facilities enormously the handling of the pre-assembled and completely crimped elements.
5. The high-quality controlling CNC system ensures corner crimping speed and accuracy.

6. The corner-crimping blade can be adjusted easily forward and backward. left and right of the different section of aluminum profiles.


Power supply
Power output
7.5 Kw
Rating oil pressure
16 MPa
Total combining pressure
0.5~0.8 MPa
Air consumption
0.8 L once
Motor rotational speed
1400 r/min
4700×2000×2600 mm
Weight when empty
3000 Kg
Capability of oil box
60 L
Min frame dimension
450×450 mm
Max frame dimension
1800×3000 mm
Profile width
95 mm
Cater-corner error of finished windows
≤1 mm
Connection seam error
≤0.15 mm
Working push power
45 KN
Corner combining casing movement journey
85 mm

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