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  • PVC Window hole punching Machine

PVC Window hole punching Machine

  • Product Item : CYJ01-50
  • Color : green/white
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Product description:PVC Window hole punching Machine is specially used for shearing the reinforement steel interleaver profile of PVC window and door, China pvc punching machine supplier.
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PVC Window Hole Punching Machine


1 Specially used for shearing the steel interleaved profile of PVC window and door.

2This machine adopts a hydraulic drive, running stably and reliably.


Power supply
380 V/50 Hz
Total power for motor
1.5 Kw
Motor rotary speed
1400 r/min
700×950×1500 mm
Rated oil pump pressure
15 MPa
Weight when empty
200 Kg
Capability of oil box
20 L
Press nominal pressure
50 KN
stroke times
30 c/min
Closing height
210 mm
Punching travel
30 mm
Processing deviation from Straightness
±0.1 mm
Die size
250×200×215 mm
Die thickness
185 mm