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  • UPVC Window Corner Cleaning Machine

UPVC Window Corner Cleaning Machine

  • Product Item : SQJ01-120
  • Color : gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC window corner automatic cleaning
  • Product description:UPVC Window Corner Cleaning Machine, China pvc corner cleaner machine specially designed for clean the outer contour of the upvc window corners, automatic pvc corner cleaner price, China pvc window co
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UPVC Window Corner Cleaning Machine for Sale

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Product description

1. This uPVC window corner cleaning machine is specially used to clean the outer contour of the door and window corners and the upper and lower welds at the same time.
2. It is necessary to design a special corner cleaning cutter for each profile, without programming.
3. Put in the pvc window frame corner and automatically run the corner cleaning process.
4. Complete a thorough cleaning of a pvc corner within 20 seconds.

Technical specifications

Power supply
380V/50Hz or customer specification
Input power
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Main-shaft Revolution
Milling length
Milling width

*All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics are shown in this automatic pvc corner cleaning machine are subject to change without notice.