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  • UPVC Profile Double Head Mitre Saw
  • UPVC Profile Double Head Mitre Saw
UPVC Profile Double Head Mitre SawUPVC Profile Double Head Mitre Saw

UPVC Profile Double Head Mitre Saw

  • Product Item : SJ02-3500
  • Color: gray/white
  • Brand: OKNA
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC profiles cutting
  • Product description:UPVC Profile Double head Mitre Saw, double head PVC sawing machine China supplier, designed for cutting UPVC profiles, Good price and high cutting precision, China window manufacturing machinery sawin
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uPVC Window Double Head Mitre Saw PVC Profile Double Head Sawing Machine

double head cutting saw left head double head cutting saw right head China PVC double head miter saw details pvc double head cutting machine China supplier

Product description

1. This PVC double-head mitre saw SJ02-3500 is specially designed for cutting 45°~90° PVC and aluminum window profiles. Other angles can also be cut according to the requirements of the window.

2. The cutting limit of this upvc double head cutting machine is adjustable.

3. The two heads of the two-head miter saw machine adopt turntable positioning technology with high cutting precision.

4. Use vertical and horizontal pneumatic clamping at the same time to ensure stable profile fixation.

5. The left saw head is fixed, and the right saw head can move left and right according to the cutting length.

6. The additional equal length intermediate support mechanism is convenient for feeding and positioning.

7. The saw head performs fixed axis cycloidal feed on the vertical side of the worktable, and the cutting operation of the double head cutting machinery is stable and reliable.

8. The right head of this PVC double head mitre saw adopts two linear guide rails to move left and right, running smoothly and accurately.

9. Power supply protects system from voltage overload.

Technical specifications

Power supply
Power output
Motor rotary speed
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Saw blade diameter
Cutting height 200mm
Cutting width 100mm
Cutting length

*All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics are shown in this PVC double head mitre saw machine are subject to change without notice.

Configuration recommendations

The left side of the double-head mitre saw machine can be equipped with a CNC positioning system

1.The CNC sizing system adopt double linear guide rails, fast and accurate positioning, can input multiple sets of cutting size at the same time.
2 When the CNC positioning ruler is selected, this double-head PVC mitre saw can cut two pieces of different length materials at the same time when cutting 90-degree materials, and the cutting efficiency is doubled.


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