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  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine
  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine
  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine
CNC Glass Cutting MachineCNC Glass Cutting MachineCNC Glass Cutting MachineCNC Glass Cutting Machine

CNC Glass Cutting Machine

  • Product Item : YTJ3826
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for float glass cutting and LOW-E glass edge deletion
  • Product description:This CNC Glass Cutting Machine is used for float glass cutting and LOW-E glass edge deletion, China CNC Glass Cutting Line Machine Price, Manufacturers & Suppliers, CNC window glass cutting machine fo
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This CNC glass cutting machine consists of an automatic glass loading system, an automatic glass cutting table and

a glass slicing table, and the control system includes a powerful glass optimization software as a standard for creating

and managing optimizations. According to the original glass sheet specifications combined with the target product

size and quantity, it can be automatically optimized to minimize glass waste during the cutting process and increase

the profit of the factory. The glass cutting machine automatically calculates the rotation of the glass on the table and

applies the pertinent software level correction.


1. Adopt automatic glass cutting and optimization system, which can automatic glass calibration, straight line and special-shaped glass cutting.

2. Adopt frequency conversion control, servo motor drive, can automatically adjust the glass cutting speed and cutting pressure adjustment, with fast, accurate and stable cutting performance.

3. Easily load glass with the integrated glass loading arm.

4. Equipped with LOW-E glass servo motor driven grinding wheel systemwhich can do wider edge deletion and removal of low-emissivity film.

5. This CNC glass cutting machine has extremely robust structural design.


When the glass cutting machine starts to work, first the Integrated loading arms automatically loads the glass sheet from the stock rack, after the glass sheet is loaded to the glass cutting table, the bridge will automatically moves the glass to the cutting position, and detects the position of the glass plate in the x and y directions, the CNC glass processing system automatically optimize the edges of the glass and the cutting process begins. The CNC program will automatically optimize and adjust the maximum axis speed according to the thickness and size of the glass during the cutting process, minimize the movement of the axis, improving processing efficiency. The entire glass loading and cutting process is optimized and controlled by CNC software, ensures the shortest possible cutting and grinding times.

After the cutting is completed, the glass is transported to the glass slicing table by the conveying system, and the slicing rod separates the glass at the cutting position.


Input power
Total power
Working air pressure
Machine weight
Glass thickness 3~19m/min
Maximum glass size 3660X2440mm

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