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  • ZD81 folding door aluminum profiles

ZD81 folding door aluminum profiles

  • Product Item : ZD81
  • Conutry of orign:China
  • Product description:ZD81 folding door, aluminum floding door profiles, aluminum window profiles type price, aluminum profiles for sale, how to make folding door, aluminum folding door profiles from China supplier
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ZD81 Aluminum Folding Door Profiles

Product description

1. Scientific and reasonable profile structure design can meet users' requirements for large space opening;

2. Multi-channel sealing design effectively improves the waterproof shortboard with folding structure for many years;

3. Equipped with high-strength hardware accessories for the operation of the central shaft, the stability is longer;

4. Enhance the vision and get close to nature from zero distance.

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Remarks: This parameter is for reference only and other specifications of aluminum door profiles can be made according to the customer's CAD drawings.
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