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  • UPVC Profile Mullion Cutting Machine

UPVC Profile Mullion Cutting Machine

  • Product Item : SJT03-350
  • Color: gray/white
  • Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC profile mullion cutting
  • Product description:UPVC Profile Mullion Cutting Machine specially designed for UPVC Window Mullion profile cutting, Good Service & Low Price, High efficiency, pvc mullion profile sawing machine for sale.
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UPVC Window Mullion Cutting Machine

pvc profile million cutting machine clamping device mullion frofile cutting saw details mullion cutting photo

Product description

1. This PVC mullion profile cutting machine is specially designed for uPVC Window and door  Mullion profile cutting, This machine is the necessary equipment for making uPVC Window, with simple operation, convenient adjustment, and high production efficiency.

2. Pneumatic clamping system.

3. Easily adjustable depth, Adjustable stable feeding speed.

4. Special clamping devices ensure safe operation.

5. Friendly using a stopper for easy measuring.

6. Support arm ensures cutting precision.

  • Technical specifications

Power supply
380V/50Hz or customer specification
Input power
Motor rotary speed
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Cutting height 90mm
Cutting length