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  • Three Head PVC Window Welding Machine
  • Three Head PVC Window Welding Machine
  • Three Head PVC Window Welding Machine
Three Head PVC Window Welding MachineThree Head PVC Window Welding MachineThree Head PVC Window Welding Machine

Three Head PVC Window Welding Machine

  • Product Item : HJ02-3×4500
  • Brand:OKNA
  • Color: gray or white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC window corner welding
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Three Head PVC Welding Machine For uPVC Window and Door

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Product description

1. This upvc three head welding machine is designed for welding uPVC casement and sliding doors and windows. The three heads can work independently or at the same time. It can be used for welding doors and windows with 90 degree angles and mullion profile welding, and can also be used at any angle Welding.

2. Using programmable controller (PLC), after setting the welding parameters, the welding process is automatically completed to ensure that the pvc window three head welding machine runs more stable and reliable.

3. Adopting the secondary pressure function to ensure the precise welding dimensions and angular strength of doors and windows.

4. Each machine head is equipped with three layers of welding backing plates, which can be selected according to different height of pvc window profiles.

5. The heating time and the joint time of the profile welding can be set by the dial, and the clamping pressure and jointing pressure can be adjusted by the pressure regulating valve, which is suitable for the welding requirements of different countries and regions.

6. Each head of this three-position welding can be welded at a 90-degree angle or welding mullion profiles. In order to ensure the accuracy of the mullion profile welding, it is necessary to use a V notch cutting machine and a pvc mullion profile cutting saw to cut the pvc window profile.

7.Power supply protects system from voltage overload.

8. Various PVC window corner shapes such as ┓┳┏┓┏┳ ┏┳┓ ┳┳┳, can be welded in one operation with this three-head pvc welding machine.

four head welding machine No. 1 head four head welding machine No.2 head four head wekding machine No. 3 head four head welding machine No. 4 head

four head welding machine mullion welding four head welding machine two mullions welding

Technical specifications

Power supply
380V/50Hz or customer specification
Input power
Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption
Welding width(max) 120mm
Welding height
Welding range

*All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics are shown in this three head pvc welding machine are subject to change without notice.

How to Make uPVC Window with Three Head Welding Machine?

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