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  • PVC Window CNC Double Head Cutting Machine

PVC Window CNC Double Head Cutting Machine

  • Product Item : LJZ2-CNC-500×4200
  • Brand: DFAN
  • Color: gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC and aluminium profiles cutting
  • Product description:PVC CNC Double Head Cutting Machine, CNC double head PVC profile cutting machine designed for cutting uPVC and aluminum window profiles. This machine is the ideal tool for cutting aluminium and PVC pr
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UPVC Window CNC Double Head Cutting Machine

CNC double head cutting machine left head CNC double head cutting machine right head details CNC double head cutting mahine details CNC cutting saw machine

Product description

1. This CNC pvc profile double-head cutting machine is specially designed for cutting aluminum and uPVC door and window profiles. The machine is simple to operate, reliable in performance, advanced in technology, easy to repair and maintain, and is mainly used for cutting and processing of aluminum, pvc, curtain wall and other profiles. High cutting speed, high machining accuracy and high production efficiency, is the critical pvc window processing equipment. This machine is the ideal tool for cutting aluminium and PVC bars in various thicknesses and at different angles.

2. The bed of the CNC pvc profile cutting machine is equipped with two heads. The left saw head is fixed, and the right saw head is movable. The feeding system adopts high-quality linear guides with high accuracy and good stability.

3. The saw blade adopts a high-precision spindle with stable rotation.

4. The cutting machine can automatically cut and replace at 45°, 135° and 90° according to the different requirements of pvc window production.

5. The cutting feed of the saw blade is completed by the work-in (gas-liquid damping) cylinder. Its pneumatic control system has the function of stepless speed regulation. According to the processing needs, the feed and return speed can be adjusted to make it slow The function of rapid feed and rapid return.

6. Carbide saw blades ensure machining accuracy and high durability.

7.Power supply protects system from voltage overload.

8. The two heads of the cutting saw can be used together or separately to effectively cut the required length and angle.

9. Linear rails head movement.

Technical specifications

Power supply
Moto Power
Air pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Air consumption
Diameter of blade
∮500×∮30×4.4mm   z=120
principal axis rotate speed
Feeding speed
Cutting length
Cutting angle
Machine weight

* All specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics are shown in this CNC double head PVC profile cutting machine are subject to change without notice.


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