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  • Internal Corner Cleaning Machine For PVC Windows

Internal Corner Cleaning Machine For PVC Windows

  • Product Item : SNX01
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for PVC corner cleaning
  • Product description:Portable uPVC internal corner cleaning tool used for cleaning the internal section of the PVC window corner, portable uPVC window making tools, PVC corner cleaning process, China uPVC portable corner
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Portable uPVC window Internal Corner Cleaning Machine

portable internal corner cleaning process pvc window corner details after cleaning

Product description

1. This portable uPVC window internal corner cleaning machine is used to clean the inside of PVC door and window corners. It is an important tool for corner cleaning of uPVC windows.

2. Only need air source, No need for electrical power supply.

3. The depth of clearing angle can be adjusted according to requirements.

4.Spiral milling cutter is used to clean inner corners faster and smoother.

How to clean uPVC window corner with portable internal corner cleaner? PLS watch the PVC window internal corner cleaning process video below.

Technical specifications

Weight when empty
Air pressure
Air consumption