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  • Automatic End  Milling Machine For Aluminum Profiles
  • Automatic End  Milling Machine For Aluminum Profiles
Automatic End  Milling Machine For Aluminum ProfilesAutomatic End  Milling Machine For Aluminum Profiles

Automatic End Milling Machine For Aluminum Profiles

  • Product Item : DX06B-250
  • Brand: DFAN
  • Color : gray/white
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for aluminum profiles end face milling
  • Product description:Automatic End Face Milling Machine For Aluminum Profiles used for Milling the end tips of the aluminum profiles, and suitable for various profiles, China aluminum end milling machine supplier,aluminiu
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Aluminum Window End Milling Machine Automatic End Milling Machine for Aluminum Profile

aluminum profile end milling machine cutter end milling machine cutter adjustment structure and milliing machine for aluminum profile end face milling machine cutter

Product description

1. Used for Milling the end tips of the profiles that will be joined with the sides of other profiles to form a multiple segmented window frame, and suitable for various profiles, is a mainly important aluminium window manufacturing equipment for making aluminum windows.
2. This aluminum end milling machine can clamp and mill multiple aluminium profiles at one time, which increased the processing efficiency.
3. Adjust the position of the milling cutter through the handwheel to meet different processing requirements.
4. This aluminum milling machine uses four horizontal milling cutters and a vertical milling cutter.

5. The milling cutters can be adjusted according to the profile specifications to meet the milling requirements.

6. There is no need to replace the milling cutters for milling different profiles. Save your money and time.
7. Large milling cutter diameter, high milling speed, and good processing result.

Technical specifications

Input Voltage
Input power
Rating oil pressure
Motor rotary speed
Air working pressure
Weight when empty
Diameter of main shaft
Diameter of milling cutter
Worktable journey
Worktable dimension
Max processing high size
Max processing tenoning size

*All specifications, dimensions, colors, and design characteristics are shown in this aluminum profile end milling machine are subject to change without notice.


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