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  • Aluminium Profile Bending Machine with CNC
  • Aluminium Profile Bending Machine with CNC
Aluminium Profile Bending Machine with CNCAluminium Profile Bending Machine with CNC

Aluminium Profile Bending Machine with CNC

  • Product Item : LGW-CNC-25T
  • Brand: success
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Application: Designed for tube or profiles roll bending
  • Product description:CNC aluminium profile bending machine is suitable for arc production of aluminium profiles, automatic profile bending machine price, aluminium profile CNC bender manufacturers, aluminium profile bendi
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CNC Aluminium Profile Bending Machine for Sale

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    1. This CNC aluminium profile bending machine is suitable for bending different section of aluminium profiles or tubes. equipped with three rollers and photoelectric positioning; through the rollers matched with the profile section, using the principle of three-point circle, the displacement of the middle roller is automatically adjusted, so that the profile can enter between the rollers at one time. With or multiple feeds, the profile is formed to the required radius one by one. The length of the feed is collected by the encoder, and the rotation and feed of the roller are controlled by the program controller. At the same time, the displacement of the roller and the feed of the intermediate roller are controlled by a fully closed-loop CNC AC servo control system to achieve high precision.
    2. The professional bending program is adopted, and the bending process can be automatically completed by selecting the bending shape program, and only need to input the sizes of the products. The operation is easy, the process is controllable, and the bending size has high dimensional accuracy.
    3. This automatic aluminium profile bending machine can bend various shapes such as C-shape, U-shape, full circle, oval, and multiple radius combinations.
    4. All three axes are active axes, and all have "anti-tilt" devices.
    5. The electrical system is made in accordance with export European standards, with high safety.
    6. The bending rollers of this aluminium profile bending machine needs to be customized according to the customer's aluminium profiles.
    7. Equipped with CNC touchscreen control panel.


    power supply: 380V 50Hz/60Hz

    Total power:  8.0Kw
    Y axis push rod rated thrust: 25T (Max. 20T)
    Y axis push rod positioning accuracy: ≤0.02 mm
    Torque of X axis: 4000N.M(Max6000N.M)
    Three shaft speed: 1-15r/min
    Fixed axle spacing:  Adjustable 280~600mm
    Min bend radius: R=100mm(50mm top bend)
    Spindle diameter: 60mm
    Maximum section of machinable profile: Max width 150mm, max height 200mm
    Machine Dimensions:  L x W x H = 1300x1200x1400mm
    Electrical operation table size:L x W x H = 500x300x1200mm
    Net weight: 1200Kg

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